Apple Watch Series 5 review: the king of smartwatches

October 24, 2019

Always-on screen completes the package kicking competitors to the curb and becoming a top reason to buy an iPhone When Apple launched its smartwatch in 2015 to a lukewarm reception, quickly eclipsed every other smartwatch and with Swiss watchmakers combined. The latest Apple Watch Series 5 iteration, though still pricey at 399 and up, looks likely to continue the firms domination of the smartwatch market and deservedly so. If you…


Apple finds wearable gimmicks really count as iPhone slips

May 11, 2019

As sales of its signature product peak a big change in strategy has emerged in the form of the Apple Watch and AirPod If Apple wants to prove to doubters that there is life beyond the iPhone, then the wrists and ears of millions of customers could provide the answer. Twelve years from the launch of Steve Jobss signature product, Apple wearables and the services that tie in to them…


Fitbits newest fitness tracker is just for employees and health insurance members

February 11, 2019

Fitbit has a new fitness tracker, but it’s one that you can’t buy in stores. The company quietly uncorked the Inspire on Friday, releasing its first product that is available only to corporate employees and health insurance members. The idea is to offer a fully subsidized wearable that helps the company dig deeper into the corporate and business worlds. The new devices are available as a wristband with the option of…


Fitbits for kids? Better yet, encourage them to hopscotch and tell them they are loved

March 20, 2018

Fitness trackers are the boring cusp of the quantified self movement but surely the true self cant be found through wearable tech The latest product from Fitbit is called Ace. It is designed for children aged eight to 13 years old, and will help parents monitor their offsprings health. (Ace, to my ears, sounds like the online username of a predatory catfish, but lets leave that to one side.) Im…


Apple: expect a radical iPhone redesign for its 10th anniversary

September 3, 2017

On 12 September Tim Cooks company will hold its first event at the new Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California. Heres what they will (probably) talk about Apple will hold a press event on 12 September to unveil its much anticipated new iPhones, which are expected to introduce a whole new design and set the tone for the next few years. Unlike previous years, much is known about at least…


Fitbit turns teens off exercising, study finds

August 3, 2017

Fitness tracker makers would have you believe that all that stands between you and the motivation to get up off your couch and get healthy is their shiny wearable device. But a new study conducted by researchers in the UK suggests that, in some circumstances, fitness wearables can end up doing the opposite: becoming a de-motivating factor, after the initial novelty of wearing a tracker wears off. Researchers at Brunel…