Comic-Con’s Batman VR Experience SoarsWhile Others Fall Flat

July 24, 2019

HBO's Watchmen bringing an AR experience to Comic-Con International? I was in. Virtual reality has been a mainstay at the convention for some time now, but AR hasn't—and with new mixed-reality wearables coming to market since the last Comic-Con, I could think of a dozen ways that the anticipated show could leverage the technology. Maybe it would combine human actors with a Microsoft HoloLens, the way FX did to promote…


Facebook Can Make VR Avatars Lookand MoveExactly Like You

March 16, 2019

"There's this big, ugly sucker at the door," the young woman says, her eyes twinkling, "and he said, 'Who do you think you are, Lena Horne?' I said no but that I knew Miss Horne like a sister." It's the beginning of a short soliloquy from Walton Jones' play The 1940's Radio Hour, and as she continues with the monologue it's easy to see that the young woman knows what…


10 tech trends that will dominate CES 2017

August 21, 2017

Image: Christina Ascani/Mashable The first tech event of 2017 is also the year’s biggest: CES arrives the first week of January, and like a tardy Santa Claus, it bestows the world with the gift of new consumer tech of every kind phones, cars, TVs, drones, VR you name it. Looked at another way, CES tends to catapult new devices and technologies at the world like enormous gobs of spaghetti. The…


Apple just bought an eye-tracking company now what?

June 27, 2017

Image: SensoMotoric Instruments  Apple’s attempts to hide the development of secret new products by using shell companies usually works, but some clever sleuthing by one site has revealed what may be a key component of Apple’s future with augmented reality. SEE ALSO: Cardboard augmented reality goggles? Please, no. We’ve done this dance before. Documents have been uncovered by MacRumors that indicate Apple has quietly acquired eye-tracking company SensoMotoric Instruments. In…