Review: Suunto 3 Fitness

May 29, 2018

The outdoor industry has a little millennial problem. It shows up even in the terminology. As recently as ten years ago, you didn’t like climbing. You were a climber. You were part of an intensely tribal subculture, and you had the chops, and the highly technical gear, to prove it. But advances in materials science and general awareness have made it easier and more affordable than ever to get outside….


Smart sports: How the ‘Internet of Things’ is revolutionising the way we train and play

August 19, 2017

Image: UNSPLASH Theres the old adage that “practice makes perfect.” And while perfect is easily the loftiest goal one can have, making better use of your practice is what will see you reach your peak performance goals faster. In recent years, technological advancements within the Internet of Things have given us a slew of super-smart ways to improve the way we practice and play to give us a competitive advantage….