Apple Spends $1 Billion to Take Control of Its 5G Destiny

July 27, 2019

Apple said Thursday that it will spend $1 billion to buy most of Intel’s business that makes modems for smartphones—the crucial chips that connect devices to cell networks and Wi-Fi. The deal gives the iPhone maker new power to customize and control the technology inside its mobile devices at a time the industry is moving to new, faster, 5G cellular connections. Apple did not disclose how it will pay the…


The $1tn question: how far can the new iPhone 8 take Apple?

September 10, 2017

The company is within reach of a stock market milestone: this weeks product launches could see it achieve a 13-figure valuation Apples stock market value is heading towards a new milestone and its latest product launch on 12 September could push the tech giant closer to becoming the first ever $1tn (760bn) company. At the end of last week, the companys market capitalisation hovered around $830bn, continuing a 10-year run…


Apple: expect a radical iPhone redesign for its 10th anniversary

September 3, 2017

On 12 September Tim Cooks company will hold its first event at the new Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California. Heres what they will (probably) talk about Apple will hold a press event on 12 September to unveil its much anticipated new iPhones, which are expected to introduce a whole new design and set the tone for the next few years. Unlike previous years, much is known about at least…


Tilted device could pinpoint pin number for hackers, study claims

May 30, 2017

Researchers were able to guess four-digit code with 70% accuracy at first attempt and 100% at fifth from how device held Hackers could steal mobile phone users pin numbers from the way their devices tilt as they type on them, researchers have claimed. Computer scientists at Newcastle University managed to guess a four-digit pin with 70% accuracy at the first attempt by using the gyroscopes built into all modern smartphones….