The Strava Heat Map and the End of Secrets

January 31, 2018

A modern equivalent of the World War II era warning that “loose lips sink ships” may be “FFS don’t share your Fitbit data on duty.” Over the weekend, researchers and journalists raised the alarm about how anyone can identify secretive military bases and patrol routes based on public data shared by a “social network for athletes” called Strava. This past November, the San Francisco-based Strava announced a huge update to…


Is it a bird? Is it a bug? No its a biomimetic microdrone with flapping wings

August 19, 2017

UK biomimetic engineering startupAnimal Dynamicsis buildinga microdrone with wings inspired by the flapping flight of a dragonfly. The project, which started in June 2015 with a feasibility study, isbeing funded with 1.5 million from theUK Ministry of Defence, via DSTL, the Defence Science and Technology Lab. Last fall the companyswitchedfrom researching the feasibility ofthe concept into phase two: actually trying to build the thing.They now saytheyre confident theyll havea flying…