5 UK-based companies taking the AdTech world by storm

September 21, 2017

Image: pixabay Advertisers today know that while content may be king, data is the real belle of the ball. This is where advertising technology — or AdTech — comes into the equation: A rapidly growing industry in the UK and around the globe, AdTech connects the dots between marketing tactics and data on consumer behaviour and the journey through the sales funnel. Salesforce’s fourth annual State of Marketing report cites…


Modern Fertility wants to revolutionize fertility testing with $149 at-home tests

August 13, 2017

A game-changer.Image: modern fertility Fertility testing is an area of medicine that isn’t really covered by insuranceand hasn’t yet seen much innovation from the tech world. Modern Fertility is trying to change that. The startup wants to be the first to revamp the experience of fertility testing and revolutionize how women think about their own fertility in the years before they’re ready to have children. The key is Modern Fertility’s…


This startup lingerie party is everything wrong with Silicon Valley’s culture of sexism

July 7, 2017

Yes. This is the actual event poster.Image: Startup Mingles Getting started in tech is a daunting propositionso clearly, having models and lingerie on hand when networking is a long overdue idea that could make everyone more comfortable and help ease the entire process. Right? Right? That somehow appears to be the thinking driving the organizers of Startup Mingle, a July 8 networking event at San Francisco’s W Hotel. The event’s…