Did Bose just invent the ultimate earplug?

June 27, 2018

Image: jacob krol/mashable Sleep is a necessity, and missing out on it for whatever reason is never good. That’s the reason sleep tech has been a booming business for the past few years, with hundreds of gadgets, mattresses, and wearables that promise to track your sleep or help you improve it. Bose thinks it can bring something to the category by attacking what it knows best: sound, or in this…


This bracelet wants to shock you if you start falling asleep at the wheel

July 22, 2017

The wearable will zap you if it thinks you're dozing off.Image: steer Forget guzzling down energy drinks and coffee to stay awake while driving, a new bracelet has been designed to nudge you awake at the wheel. And by nudge we mean zap you with an electric shock. SEE ALSO: A wristband with your medical records could be a life-saver in emergencies Steer is a wearable that doesn’t noticeably do…