Amazon Prime Day Is Over. These 31 Great Deals Remain

July 24, 2019

Note: Until July 18–20, there may still be some active deals here and in our Deals from Amazon Rivals, but we are no longer actively updating and monitoring these guides. As always, we hope we helped you sift through the sales madness and find great products. Check the WIRED Gear section for the latest news and reviews. Prime Day 2019 has come and gone, but some deals remain. After studying…


The 57 Best Amazon Prime Day Tech Deals

July 19, 2019

Note: Amazon Prime Day sales have ended. If you are still hunting, we recommend you check out our favorite rival deals from Walmart and others. Many of those sales last through July 17. As always, we hope our Gear coverage helped you sift through the online madness and find great products. Amazon Prime Day is here, friends. As Amazon's grim deals carnival roars to life once again, its storefront is…


Amazon Prime Day Is Over. These 33 Great Deals Remain

July 19, 2019

Prime Day 2019 has come and gone, but some deals remain. After studying spreadsheets and combing the Internet until our screens blurred before our eyes, we found a considerable number of great deals this year. Hopefully you were able to grab the noise-canceling headphones or Instant Pot of your dreams at a much more reasonable price. If not, have no fear. Prime Day is officially over, but many of deals…


You Won’t Miss Brookstone, But You Should

August 14, 2018

In singularly unsurprising news, Brookstone has filed for bankruptcy. The company will shutter its remaining 101 mall storefronts, officially closing out an era that began its fade years ago. Even if you won’t mourn its disappearance—even if you haven’t stepped inside a mall since the Mallrats era—it’s worth a moment of appreciation, and a full accounting of what’s been lost. Brookstone debuted in 1965, a year after the Beatles first…


Review: Suunto 3 Fitness

May 29, 2018

The outdoor industry has a little millennial problem. It shows up even in the terminology. As recently as ten years ago, you didn’t like climbing. You were a climber. You were part of an intensely tribal subculture, and you had the chops, and the highly technical gear, to prove it. But advances in materials science and general awareness have made it easier and more affordable than ever to get outside….


Review: Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

May 20, 2018

Once upon a time (last year), in a land far, far away (Cupertino), Apple made a simple, beautiful, tiny item called an iPod Shuffle. You “plugged” it in with a "cable" and added things that were called “MP3s” to it. I loved mine, and it was perfect for runners. For years, I clipped an itty-bitty, hot pink device to my sports bra and slipped out the door, humming happily along…


Review: Runtopia Reach Smart Running Shoes

April 15, 2018

If you’ve never had a running coach, let me describe the experience: your coach doesn’t just plan your workouts and critique your form. They also make sure you’re eating the right food and wearing supportive shoes. He or she might even make you do sit-ups when you start slouching like a 90-year-old grandma from the Planet Slow. The best coaches are a combination of ruthless drill sergeant, physical therapist, and…


Review: LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar

March 2, 2018

I don’t have a “Dog Mom” bumper sticker on my car, but I sure do love my pups. My two dogs have been my constant companions for almost a decade. They have top-of-the-line dog beds, toothbrushes, and even health insurance. The LINK AKC smart dog collar is ideal for a dog owner like me. It’s a handsome leather collar that is by far the most luxurious accessory my dog has…


Review: Timex Ironman GPS Watch

January 29, 2018

Full disclosure: Unbeknownst to my editors, I wore a Timex Ironman watch for over a decade. My Timex did everything I needed a watch to do. I wore it traveling, snowboarding, swimming, running, snorkeling and surfing. I could set an alarm, check my pace, and show up when I said I would. It also lit up, so when unexpected noises woke me while camping, I could huddle in my sleeping…


Here’s all the deals you should check out at Best Buy on Black Friday

November 11, 2017

Read up on the deals now to plan your Black Friday adventures.Image: Getty Images Best Buy might not have the same clout as e-retailers like Amazon, but the brick and mortar holdout still brings the deals when it comes time for the biggest shopping event of the year: Black Friday.  The retailer just released its 2017 Black Friday sales ad weeks ahead of the annual consumerist frenzy, giving everyone a…