RapidSOS, an emergency response data provider, raises $30M as it grows from 10K users to 250M

November 8, 2018

Every day, there are around 650,000 emergency service callouts via 911 for medical, police and fire assistance in the U.S.; and by their nature these are some of the most urgent communications that we will ever make. But ironically for the age of smartphones, connected things and the internet, these 911 calls are also some of the most antiquated — with a typical emergency response center still relying on humans…


Responding to a month-long string of disasters, RapidSOS makes its rescue and recovery app free

September 29, 2017

The U.S. and its territories have been ravaged by storms in the past month. Maria, which destroyed Puerto Rico, has left 1.5 million American citizens without access to drinking water, while in Houston, the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey is still being felt. And Florida residents are breathing a sigh of relief that the damage from Hurricane Irma wasn’t worse. Tech companies, quick to respond to Harvey and Irma, have been much…