Nokia closes digital health sale to Withings founder Eric Carreel, who plans relaunch by EOY

June 2, 2018

Nokia has closed the books on its unlucky foray into digital health devices and services, and with it, a business is marking its return to the world of startups. Today, the Finnish telecoms giant announced that it has closed the sale of its digital health division, along with 200 employees, to Eric Carreel, the former chairman and co-founder of Withings. Now Carreel plans to relaunch the business once again under the…


Nokia and Xiaomi ink patent and equipment deal, Xiaomi buys Nokia patents

July 6, 2017

A year after buying 1,500 patents from Microsoft, Xiaomi is digging into the global intellectual property pool once again. Nokia has announced that it has entered into a wide-ranging patent licensing and purchase deal with Xiaomi, the Chinese maker of smartphones, wearables and other hardware, which will also become a customer of Nokias for networking equipment. The deal covers three main areas: Nokia and Xiaomi have inked a cross licensing…


12 mind-blowing facts about the original Nokia ‘brick’ phones

May 30, 2017

Finnish company HMD is well on its way to relaunching the storied Nokiabrand after an unprecedented decade of decline.Nokia dominated the cell phone industry until Apple disrupted the market with the original iPhone in 2007. After a slow transition to smart devices and reliance on a “burning platform,” Nokia’s devices and services unitwas sold off in a failed experiment to Microsoft in 2013. But despite its recent collapse, Nokia remains…