Ten predictions for digital media in 2018

December 5, 2017

Peter Csathy Contributor 2. Most other new premium OTT video market entrants in this beyond-crowded premium OTT video space — including so-called niche-focused OTT video services — will be swallowed up or simply languish, squeezed out by market leaders and the sheer scale of Google and Facebook, with which they simply can’t compete for ad dollars. Google and Facebook already own about two-thirds of that global digital advertising market. That…


Netflix smart socks will pause your show if you fall asleep

Cruising headlong through a Netflix marathon is something we all enjoy, but when you doze off halfway through the most pivotal episode in a series, it can be detrimental to your streaming experience. Netflix has a solution, and you wear it on your feet. Furthering its mission to create a whole bunch of quirky high-tech tools to optimize your Netflix experience, the company is introducing Netflix socks. Yes, socks.

August 16, 2017