How Fitbit created its first ‘dumb’ wearable

September 15, 2017

The Fitbit Flyer is ready to be thrashed.Image: lili sams/mashable Fitbit has a surprising new release coming out later this fall: a set of workout-ready wireless headphones called the Fitbit Flyer. The Flyer is Fitbit’s first product without any sensors or fitness-tracking features, a significant departure from the company’s signature line of largely wrist-based activity trackers. The Flyer is closely tied to the company’s other big fall release, the Ionic…


Where social media meets hard rock, a tale of two Mastodons

May 31, 2017

Rock and roll and social mediaImage: Mashable composite: Photo of Mastodon the band: Jimmy Hubbard/Warner Bros, Mastodon Logo/Mastodon As the buzz about new open-source social platform Mastodon spread round the internet, some not in the know might have been puzzled and asked themselves, “Wait, noted metal band Mastodon has their own social network?” SEE ALSO: No way out: You can’t delete a Mastodon account Rest assured, no, the platform and…