How to Track Your Heart Rate With Wearables

August 17, 2018

You probably learned how to track your heart rate in school: Put your finger on a pulse point, like the inside of your wrist, and count how many pulses you feel in a minute. That yields your heart’s beats per minute, or bpm. Cool trick! you thought. And you promptly forgot about it. But your heart rate can be a useful piece of data. It’s a reliable metric for setting…


How to Manage Your Privacy on Fitness Apps

February 1, 2018

Think of your fitness tracker like a personal trainer—one that happens to live on your smartphone. There are things you want it to do, like monitor your heart rate, your pace, the time it took for you to complete your last sprint, and whether your sprints are getting faster over time. And then there are things you don't particularly want it to do, like stalk your every move and follow…


Netflix smart socks will pause your show if you fall asleep

Cruising headlong through a Netflix marathon is something we all enjoy, but when you doze off halfway through the most pivotal episode in a series, it can be detrimental to your streaming experience. Netflix has a solution, and you wear it on your feet. Furthering its mission to create a whole bunch of quirky high-tech tools to optimize your Netflix experience, the company is introducing Netflix socks. Yes, socks.

August 16, 2017