Google Glass for autistic kids

August 3, 2018

Image: Google/REX/Shutterstock Google Glass may have never been a hit with the average consumer, but it could soon become an important tool for children with autism who hope to improve their social skills.  A new exploratory study published in npj Digital Medicineprovides fresh evidence that augmented reality glasses paired with the right software can make a big difference for kids with autism.  SEE ALSO: Teens who spend tons of time…


Google Glass gets a second life as a workplace tool

July 19, 2017

Image: Alphabet Reports of the death of Google Glass have been greatly exaggerated. Google launched the Google Glass Enterprise Edition (or Google Glass EE) on Tuesday, officially rebooting the wearable as a workplace tool, with Backchannel‘s Steven Levy first reporting the news. Instead of logging everyday life events, answering random search queries, and generally creeping everybody out, Glass will now be a staple of factory floors and emergency rooms. Workers…


Google Glass becomes relevant again for 2 seconds

June 22, 2017

Image: Christina Ascani/Mashable If you still have Google Glass lying around somewhere, it’s time to dust it off and plug it in: Google just pushed out its first update to the device in two and a half years. SEE ALSO: These light therapy glasses look like theyre from the future The update is honestly barely worthy of the nounone of the two bullet points in the X23 release notes is…