Apples Watch isnt the first with an EKG reader but it will matter to more consumers

September 18, 2018

Apple’s COO Jeff Williams exuberantly proclaimed Apple’s Watch was the first to get FDA clearance as an over-the-counter electrocardiogram (EKG) reader during the special event at Apple headquarters on Wednesday. While Apple loves to be first to things, that statement is false. AliveCor has held the title of first since late last year for its KardiaMobile device, a $100 stick-like metal unit you attach to the back of a smartphone. Ironically,…


Gear for making outdoor fitness more enjoyable

July 5, 2018

Makula Dunbar Exercising outdoors comes with space, terrain and, if you’re lucky, a nice breeze that you don’t get in a gym. While fitness fanatics care most about completing a good workout, having the right gear to help with keeping track of progress — and getting on with your day when you’re done — makes a big difference. We’ve gathered some of our favorite fitness wearables, headphones and accessories that…


Review: Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

May 20, 2018

Once upon a time (last year), in a land far, far away (Cupertino), Apple made a simple, beautiful, tiny item called an iPod Shuffle. You “plugged” it in with a "cable" and added things that were called “MP3s” to it. I loved mine, and it was perfect for runners. For years, I clipped an itty-bitty, hot pink device to my sports bra and slipped out the door, humming happily along…


Save on this Garmin fitness tracker and get pumped for that New Year’s Resolution

December 14, 2017

Check in while you work out.Image: Garmin Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. If you’ve got a fitness friend that you’re shopping for during the holidays, the Garmin Vivosmart Activity Tracker could make a great gift, and it’s $20 off today. Image: Garmin This fitness tracking watch monitors all of your daily fitness activities from your heart rate to…


A guide to wearable fitness trackers to make holiday shopping easier

November 26, 2017

Run, Forrest, run.Image: pexels Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. The world of wearable fitness has seriously blown up. No longer are hardcore athletes the only ones keeping up with there calories and mileage — these babies have been taking over our lives year by year. And with this surge to the everyday consumer, it seems like not a…


Garmin is gunning for Apple and Fitbit with some sexy new wearables

September 30, 2017

The new vvomove HR actually looks like a real watch.Image: Garmin Wearables are currently a tricky proposition, as some brands fold and get out of the game entirely, while others double down with new releases, hoping to grab a piece of the market that’s slated to double by 2021.  Count Garmin in the latter group. The company just announced a diverse new round of releases that could put it in…


Garmin debuts three new wearables and a mobile payment solution

September 24, 2017

Garmin has three new wearable devices it’s debuting at IFA 2017, including the vivosport GPS-enabled activity tracker, the vivomove HR hybrid touchscreen smartwatch and the vivoactive 3, a smartwatch with Garmin Pay, which supports Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards to enable mobile payments on the go. The Garmin vivoactive 3 includes GPS, a heart rate monitor, and battery life of 7 days in smartwatch mode, and 13 hours…


Fitness trackers are useless, even for a former pro athlete

August 5, 2017

I still don't have much help with my workouts here.Image: bob al-greene/mashable Fitness wearables are useless for me, and that’s a bad sign for companies who hope to make a real connection with people who exercise regularly. I’m not just some schlub writer trying to break away from my work desk that doesn’t know a barbell from a dumbbell, after all. I’m a former professional athlete who played a season…


Give fitness trackers a break, they helped me finish an Ironman race

July 29, 2017

My watches significantly improved my performance on race day.Image: ambar del moral/mashable Wearables have gotten a bad rap lately, and it’s probably because of glorified pedometers like the Fitbit Blaze and Apple Watch that look dorky and don’t do much beyond counting steps. And I’ll admit, I’m one of the people that will readily throw shade at these products for failing to provide useful health information. But the reality is,…


Garmin’s latest wearable finally brings fitness tracking into the weight room

July 22, 2017

The Garmin Vivosmart3 aims to make your weightlifting workouts even smarter.Image: lili sams/mashable Garmin is looking to solve one of the biggest issues facing wearables with its latest release, the vvosmart 3: How can an activity tracker be useful in the weight room? Just about every fitness tracker I’ve ever worn is more focused on counting steps and logging runs than anything else. I run, but as a former athlete,…