Netflix smart socks will pause your show if you fall asleep

Cruising headlong through a Netflix marathon is something we all enjoy, but when you doze off halfway through the most pivotal episode in a series, it can be detrimental to your streaming experience. Netflix has a solution, and you wear it on your feet. Furthering its mission to create a whole bunch of quirky high-tech tools to optimize your Netflix experience, the company is introducing Netflix socks. Yes, socks.

August 16, 2017

This keychain-size Game Boy plays more games than the SNES Classic

July 7, 2017

The thirst for anything Nintendois too real. The company can’t keep the Switch in stock and people are hyped AF for the SNES Classic dropping in September. But what’s better than both of those consoles? A flippin’ keychain-sized Game Boy Advance. Nintendo’s not officially “retro-ing” the GBA (yet). But who needs to wait when you can make your own mini version of the greatest handheld ever created? YouTuber Vincent Buso…


An inventor built a tiny Macintosh classic with LEGO and Raspberry Pi

June 1, 2017

Image: jannis hermanns Nostalgia has been all the rage among electronics enthusiasts these days, from this Windows 98 “smartwatch” to Nokia’s revamp of the classic 3310. But here’s a nostalgic effort that goes above and beyond: Developer Janis Hermanns built a Wi-FI enabled LEGO Macintosh Classic that runs Docker on a Raspberry Pi Zero with an e-paper display. SEE ALSO: Make a LEGO Robot With a Raspberry Pi Hermanns was…