Did Bose just invent the ultimate earplug?

June 27, 2018

Image: jacob krol/mashable Sleep is a necessity, and missing out on it for whatever reason is never good. That’s the reason sleep tech has been a booming business for the past few years, with hundreds of gadgets, mattresses, and wearables that promise to track your sleep or help you improve it. Bose thinks it can bring something to the category by attacking what it knows best: sound, or in this…


Bose’s AR sunglasses are the complete opposite of Google Glass and that’s really smart

March 13, 2018

Bose's augmented-reality sunglasses tell you about the world around you through sound.Image: Raymond Wong/Mashable Bose — yes, the speaker and headphone company — is developing augmented reality sunglasses. But unlike the failed Google Glass and other smart glasses designed to overlay digital objects and information on top of the real world, Bose’s AR glasses have no screen and no camera. Instead, they use sound to provide useful context when you’re…


Bose is carving out $50 million for startups using its new audio-focused AR tech

March 10, 2018

The high-end audio technology company Bose is getting into the augmented reality game with a new product and a $50 million fund devoted to startups that will develop services for its new platform. While most of the industry is focused on a visually augmented experience, Bose is most concerned with the intersection of sound and vision. The Bose AR prototype, which was unveiled at South by Southwest in Austin this year,…