You can track everything: the parents who digitise their babies lives

March 3, 2019

Socks that record heart rate and cots that mimic the womb might promise parents peace of mind but is the data given to tech firms a fair exchange? You dont need to spend much time in the presence of a small child and an iPhone to feel a little disconcerted. One-year-olds hypnotised by creepy Baby Shark ephemera on YouTube; two-year-olds who can swipe before they can talk; my own five-year-old…


The Quiet, Steady Dominance of Pokmon Go

July 10, 2018

Two years ago today, a studio called Niantic released a game with a novel proposition: Go outside. Point your smartphone at the real world. Catch some monsters. Within a day, Pokémon Go was at the top of every app store chart. Within 200 days, players had spent a billion dollars on in-game upgrades—the shortest time to reach that milestone by a wide margin. In the summer of 2016, you couldn’t…


How to Manage Your Privacy on Fitness Apps

February 1, 2018

Think of your fitness tracker like a personal trainer—one that happens to live on your smartphone. There are things you want it to do, like monitor your heart rate, your pace, the time it took for you to complete your last sprint, and whether your sprints are getting faster over time. And then there are things you don't particularly want it to do, like stalk your every move and follow…


In Contraceptive Tech, the Apps Guess Is as Good as Yours

January 20, 2018

Last year, a small Swedish startup made waves with what it called the world's first form of "digital contraception." The company's product, a smartphone app called Natural Cycles, pairs with a thermometer to track women's basal temperature every day, then uses that data to make predictions about ovulation. Rather than curbing ovulation, like an oral contraceptive, Natural Cycles gives women either a red light or a green light on unprotected…


Fitbit Ionic Review: The Arms Race for Wrists Shifts Into High Gear

November 24, 2017

Among the high-achieving, mostly urban-dwelling professionals who spend a lot of time, money, and psychic energy on endurance competitions, athletic ambitions are worn on the wrist. That’s why investment bankers and executives helped make the Timex Ironman one of the best-selling watches in the world—a Rolex communicates wealth, but that $100 digital wristwatch says you’re serious about training in and out of the office. I consider myself part of this…


This Bluetooth-enabled tampon will let you know when it’s time for a change

The internet of things is trying to get all up in our business. There are internet-connected pregnancy tests, smart vibrators and Kegel exercisers, and now, there are tampons that connect to your smartphone. Called My.Flow, the startup aims to solve the problem of leaking on your period. It can be annoying and potentially embarrassing to bleed through a tampon and have it appear on your clothes.

August 17, 2017

The connected vagina: monitor how full your tampon is with a new app

August 15, 2017

my.Flow promises to prevent a girls worst nightmare of having blood leak through her new white pants but is this really the innovation we need? The first rule of menstruation etiquette is you dont talk about menstruation, particularly to men. If you must discuss your period you do so quietly and euphemistically. When youre surfing the crimson wave and have to go to the bathroom, you make sure your period…


The week in apps: Photo editors, games galore, and all the rest

June 26, 2017

Some good things happened in the app world this week.Image: lili sams/mashable It’s possible that you couldn’t keep up with the wild world of app updates this week considering all the changes happening with Uber, including Travis Kalanick stepping down as CEO. If that’s the case, there’s no need to worry. We’ve got you covered. SEE ALSO: Why your iPhone photos look so bad Each week we round up the…