• Startups Weekly: Airbnbs growing pains
  • Medopad raises $25M led by Bayer to develop biomarkers tracked via apps and wearables
  • Daily Crunch: Google announces open-source chip project
  • Daily Crunch: Google is buying Fitbit
  • Can a combined Google/Fitbit take on the Apple Watch?

Apple Watch Series 5 review: the king of smartwatches

Always-on screen completes the package kicking competitors to the curb and becoming a top reason to buy an iPhone When Apple launched its smartwatch in 2015 to a lukewarm reception, quickly eclipsed every other smartwatch and with Swiss watchmakers combined. The latest Apple Watch Series 5 iteration, though still pricey at 399 and up, looks likely to continue the firms domination of the smartwatch market and deservedly so. If you…


Sentons launches SurfaceWave, a processor and tech to create software-defined surfaces that supercharge touch and gesture

As handset makers continue to work on ways of making smartphones more streamlined and sleek, while at the same time introducing new features that will get people buying more devices, a startup that is pioneering something called “software-defined” surfaces — essentially, using ultrasound and AI to turn any kind of material, and any kind of surface, into one that will respond to gestures, touch and other forces — is setting…


The 10 Best Vibrators We’ve Actually Tried | Betches

that cater to folks who prefer clitoral stimulation, dislike penetration, or want the max level of pleasure by playing with clit vibes penetration.  Dr. Jessica O’Reilly, PhD, “Not only is external stimulation more likely to lead to arousal and orgasm for many folks, but the endorphin and oxytocin release associated with sexual pleasure can have a palliative effect on the body.” Well, we did the research and compiled this list…


Google brings its Jacquard wearables tech to Levis Trucker Jacket

Back in 2015, Google’s ATAP team demoed a new kind of wearable tech at Google I/O that used functional fabrics and conductive yarns to allow you to interact with your clothing and, by extension, the phone in your pocket. The company then released a jacket with Levi’s in 2017, but that was expensive, at $350, and never really quite caught on. Now, however, Jacquard is back. A few weeks ago,…


Jeff Bezos says Amazon is developing facial recognition regulations

(CNN)Amazon is crafting a set of proposed regulations to govern the use of facial recognition technology, company CEO Jeff Bezos said on Wednesday. Calls to regulate facial recognition have grown as privacy and civil liberties advocates have raised alarm bells over how the technology could be abused. Last year, Microsoft said unregulated facial recognition could harm society by leading to mass surveillance or by reinforcing discrimination and bias. Those concerns…


Spanish startup Elma gets $3.2M for a digital-first health insurance play

Insurtech startup Elma has closed a €3 million (~$3.2M) Series A funding round led by Mangrove Capital partners to build out a digital-first health insurance business starting with Spain, its domestic market. Also investing in the Series A are a number of unnamed local investors focused on the healthcare space, along with Barcelona-based investor and company builder Antai Venture Builder (AVB), Arroba Capital, and US VC Joyance Capital Partners.  Elma’s…


5 Low-Key Ways To Introduce Kinks Into The Bedroom | Betches

ShipFransisco Ramirez, MPH1. Yes/No/Maybe Lists Yes/no/maybe lists aren’t sexual contracts. They’re just a super fun bonding activity (without the handcuffs) that helps you come up with new sex stuff to try. You basically sit down for a dirty little brainstorm sesh with your partner to create a master list of all the and want to explore together. When you run out of ideas, separate, make a cup of tea, relax…


The Apple Watch’s secret weapon is its new price

Cupertino, California (CNN Business)Almost exactly five years ago, Apple unveiled its smartwatch. It was the company’s first new hardware product after Steve Jobs’ death. People were quick to call it a flop. Smartwatches typically start in the $300 or higher range, with the exception of Fitbit ($169), the second most popular wearable brand behind Apple. “Apple does loosely base its pricing on the cost of producing a device, but it…


Apple is unveiling the iPhone 11, but this what investors should really care about

New York (CNN Business)There isn’t a heck of a lot of excitement about Apple’s new iPhone 11. The gadgets CEO Tim Cook is expected to unveil Tuesday probably won’t be revolutionary. Services, which also take into account the value of Maps, Siri and iCloud, now make up 17% of Apple’s total sales, more than the iPad, Mac and wearables such as the Apple Watch. Only the iPhone, which accounts for…


Fitbit Versa 2 review

The Versa didn’t Last year’s Versa Lite was, by all accounts, a misstep. The device was an attempt to capitalize on one of the Versa’s strongest selling points: price. It was a miscalculation, however. The discount wasn’t enough to justify the missing features, and Fitbit’s financials took a hit as things finally appeared to be heading in the right direction. By that account, the Versa 2 arrives just in time…

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