EEC fillings likely confirm 6 new Apple Watch models

That screen is probably getting bigger!
Image: Lili Sams/Mashable

Apple is probably preparing to launch new Apple Watch models, according to a new filing in the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) database. 

The filing, noticed by French outlet Consomac, lists a total of six new Watch models, all of which will be coming with Apple’s upcoming watchOS 5 operating system for wearables. 

The model names for the upcoming watches are A1977, A1978, A1975, A1976, A2007 and A2008, which likely represents the entire Apple Watch Series 4 lineup. This is interesting, as the Apple Watch Series 3 lineup consists of a total of 8 models (actually four, but each comes in two sizes): The GPS-only aluminum variant and the three 4G+GPS variants, in aluminum, steel and ceramic. 

This could mean that one of the materials is going away, and if the past is any indication, it’s probably the most expensive, ceramic version. However, is certain until Apple officially announces it, which is likely to happen in September. 

The EEC filings contain no details about the watches, but previous rumors indicate the new Apple Watch might have a larger display (with smaller bezels) and new health-tracking sensors. 

Previous EEC filings include a lot of new iPhone models, which is hardly surprising given that Apple generally refreshes its iPhone lineup every fall. And we’ve also seen filings for new MacBooks, some of which have already launched. 

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