7 tips to perfect your graduation pictures

Graduation is a time to celebrate your accomplishments, but remember the photos will probably stick around for a while. 

You don’t want people scrolling through social media the next day and seeing your pic among the same boring photos. And you don’t want to see the photo on your mom’s mantlepiece for decades to come and wish you’d planned for it a bit better.

You want your pictures to look good, but it can be hectic with all the students, flashes, and stressed parents trying to catch their children in the sea of graduates. Here are seven ways to stand out and make your graduation pictures look really good. 

1. Find the perfect editing app

There are plenty of apps out there from VSCO to Afterlight to enhance the quality of your photos. Turn a regular photo to a professional-looking one with just your phone.

2. Customize your cap & gown

You’ll have plenty of regular photos with your cap and gown, so how about spicing things up and decorating your whole attire. You’ll definitely stand out amongst all the graduates in the crowd, which is a huge benefit to your parents. 

3. Use fun and creative props

The best way to show off your personality and have others participate in the fun is using props. Things like balloons, frames, and wearables are good options to try. 

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4.  Look for a meaningful backdrop

You’ll have a chance to take photos in front of notable areas on campus, so why not pick a place that’s meaningful to you. Maybe there’s a hidden spot in which you liked to study or an area you and your friends hung out at after classes. Forget the statue and find a place that really matters.  

5. Search for perfect lighting 

There should be plenty of natural light around you, especially if your graduation is outside. So, turn off the flash and look for a spot that needs no enhancements. 


6. Try out different poses

It’s OK to do the standard smile-and-stand pose, but why not try some fun poses instead. A silly face or the popular jumping-in-the-air pose can change a formal picture to a fun one. 

7. Just have fun

Remember, it’s your graduation. Don’t take life too seriously and just have fun. There are no rules to the perfect photo.

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So, go forth and make your photos worth remembering. 

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