Get a sleek, simple smartwatch for way less than the Apple Watch

Would you look at the time?
Image: Mobvoi

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Maybe your alarm didn’t go off, maybe you merely snoozed it a few too many times, maybe you flat-out forgot to set it whilst in that sleepy post-turkey haze. Whatever your excuse, the truth is that you didn’t get up early on Black Friday and, as a result, missed out on the best tech sales of the year. 

Well, most of them.

Mobvoi’s Ticwatch 2 is a sleeker, simpler, and more affordable alternative to the Apple Watch. While the low end of Tim Cook’s lines of smartwatches will put you out nearly $350, the Ticwatch 2 is available to Mashable readers for less than $170.


Geared toward an active lifestyle, the Ticwear 2 can not only help you maintain your fitness goals by tracking your heart rate and steps, but also keep you organized on the go. Use it to call up an Uber, set reminders, make calls, receive text notifications, and more. (Warning: Your smartphone might get a little jealous.) Just connect your Ticwatch to the included wireless charger for approximately 80 minutes and you’ll be good to go for two days.

Take it from the 9,955 people who pledged over $2 million to Mobvoi’s Kickstarter campaign last year: The Ticwatch 2 seems pretty sweet. Head over to the Mashable Shop to pick one up in your choice of two hues just in time for the holidays for only $169.99. (Oh, and be sure to enter the code GIFTSHOP15 at checkout to receive an extra 15% off.)

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