Martian’s smartwatches continue to rule in price and style

Image: martian

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Wearables: a good idea once upon a time, but now most smartwatches are like having an overpriced, notification-blaring hunk of steel on your wrist. Whatever happened to the smartwatches that actually look like…well, a timepiece?

Get some classic analog good looks with these two Martian smartwatches designed for him and her. Way more than just a few pretty (watch)faces, they do all the stuff you expect out of a smartwatch and more, including Alexa integration and notification alerts — in a sleek, unobtrusive package that looks good wherever you are. 

1.  This handsome, bold-looking smartwatch

The simple yet bold Martian mVoice.

Image: martian

The Martian mVoice Smartwatches with Amazon Alexa features bold, utilitarian features perfect for everyday use and an active lifestyle. Get push notifications, turn-by-turn navigation, and even Alexa or Siri integration — meaning you can always stay on top of your game, including when and how you turn off your lights. 

Buy here: Get this stylish wearable for $129.99, or 55 percent off the usual price of $295. 

2. This elegant, sleek hybrid smartwatch

A stylish combination of chic and smart.

Image: martian

A true hybrid smartwatch designed for women, the Martian Kindred mVip Hybrid Smartwatches feature a sleek design with no noticeable tech on its exterior other than the discreet LED notifications window on the case side. Track fitness stats like sleep and steps, get all the notifications you need and look really good while you do it. 

Buy here: Get this pretty watch for $79.99, or 58 percent off the usual price of $195. 

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