How to heat up your style during the cold season

Aaron is wearing UNIQLO’s Middle Gauge Waffle Crewneck Sweater and Ultra Light Down Vest.
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The dress code at the Mashable office has always been relaxed. But now that the weather is getting colder, we started to think that a few of the guys might enjoy a little style upgrade. Sure they looked good before, but after they were ready for the runway.

The men of Mashable got some help turning up the heat on their cold weather style thanks to Aaron Wester, a popular blogger and certified style guru.

As the creative voice behind The Modern Otter, Aaron Wester knows a thing or two about how to pull together a scene-stealing look. Actually, he knows a lot.

With a degree in theater and a minor in costume design, Wester has a fascination with fabric and how things are made. He worked in merchandising and visuals within the creative side of a retail company for 10 years before launching his menswear and style blog in 2014.

Wester recently stopped by Mashables New York office to help some of the guys amp up their style while still staying warm thanks to some key picks from UNIQLOs HEATTECH line.

Aaron Wester of The Modern Otter stopped by the Mashable offices in New York.


Born from Japanese ingenuity, the collection of HEATTECH shirts, pants and accessories is a game changer for cold winter months. Combining an innovative knit and a delicate, ribbed fabric helps to trap the heat naturally generated by the body. The innovative fabric works to keep you warm while also staying breathable and flexible.

There are three categories of HEATTECH to meet your needs. The base line is a light, thin fabric with a soft texture while HEATTECH Extra Warm features a raised lining and approximately 1.5 the heat retention of regular HEATTECH. When the polar vortex strikes, youll want to reach for HEATTECH Ultra Warm. This is the thickest option, featuring a raised lining thats best suited for extreme cold.

When looking to upgrade a winter wardrobe, choosing items that combine form and function is key. Thankfully, UNIQLO HEATTECH has both.

Aaron is wearing UNIQLO’s Middle Gauge Waffle Crewneck Sweater, Ultra Light Down Vest, Seamless Down Parka and HEATTECH Stretch Slim Flat Front Pants.


Wester says that during the winter, playing with different fabrics and finishes is a good way to mix things up.

Dont be afraid of texture embrace it, Wester says.

In the fall and winter you can get away with layering lots of textures on top of each other.

One rule to keep in mind is balance: with a shiny vest, like the UNIQLO Ultra Light Down Vest hes wearing, its important to choose another piece thats more matte to anchor the look and maintain a sense of visual balance.

Aaron says that when cuffing pants, stick to two rolls. Aaron is wearing HEATTECH Stretch Slim Flat Front Pants


One trend that Wester is loving right now for men: the cropped pant. He says it works because you can see the entire boot and just a hint of sock as well.

The thicker the pant, the better it is for this look, Wester says.

I wouldnt do it with a skinny pant, otherwise its going to look like you have peg legs, so stick with slim pants and stick to two rolls.

Hunter is wearing UNIQLO’s HEATTECH Long Sleeve Extra Warm T-Shirt, Ultra Light Down Ribbed Blouson and HEATTECH Slim Fit Corduroy Jeans.


Cords are a seasonal pant so theyre good for fall and winter, but a lot of guys dont know how to style them, Wester says.

Theyre not sure if its like a chino or a denim but its really both. You can style it with anything as long as you stick to neutrals.

For Hunter, he chose UNIQLO’s HEATTECH Slim Fit Corduroy Jeans in olive.

Ryan is wearing UNIQLO’s Wool Cashmere Chesterfield Coat, HEATTECH Extra Warm Long Sleeve T-Shirt, HEATTECH Stretch Slim Flat Front Pants, HEATTECH Knit Gloves and HEATTECH Scarf.


Turtlenecks are coming back, Wester says.

I think a lot of guys are afraid of turtlenecks because they used to associate it with being nerdy or stuffy or arrogant. But I love turtlenecks. Its what Im wearing all season long.”

Wester says that its really easy to look chic in a turtleneck without a lot of effort. So you can pair it with denim or dress slacks like these HEATTECH Stretch Slim Fit Flat Front pants and still look polished.

Cyrus is wearing UNIQLO’s MA-1 Bomber Jacket, HEATTECH Stretch Slim Flat Front Pants and Extra Fine Cotton Broadcloth Long Sleeve Shirt.


Bombers are the jacket of 2016, Wester says.

Everybody needs a bomber because its easy, its versatile, and you can find it in a million different fabrics now.

Zack is wearing UNIQLO’s Extra Light Down Jacket, HEATTECH Extra Warm T-Shirt and HEATTECH Stretch Slim Flat Front Pants.


With this look were hitting that monochromatic trend with shades of grey and black, Wester says. As with other looks, texture is important, with special attention paid to varying textures within the same look.

The high shine of the jacket with the matte of the pant are good, Wester says.

Updating your wardrobe for the winter should start with making a list of essentials, Wester says. Things like a merino sweater and a bomber jacket are versatile pieces that you can wear year after year. After youve made your list, identify which pieces to invest in.

I recommend that guys invest in a great piece of outerwear, Wester says.

Then you can get more affordable T-shirts or layering pieces under that.

Aaron is wearing UNIQLO’s Middle Gauge Waffle Crewneck Sweater, Ultra Light Down Vest, Seamless Down Parka and HEATTECH Stretch Slim Flat Front Pants.


Something that UNIQLOs really great at is that they do fantastic staples that arent going to go out of style in a year or two, Wester says.

Whats amazing about HEATTECH is that you dont think about it while youre wearing it. And you dont see it. You dont think about the technology behind them but theyre keeping you super warm.

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