Teen cashes in on the perfect revenge after being dumped by prom date

Being dumped sucks. Being dumped one week before prom? WOW. That’s bad.

Maria from Colorado was dumped by her boyfriend of 11 months one week before her senior prom. To add insult to injury, her ex asked for the $95 he gave her for the party bus back to take a different girl to a different prom.

Maria gave him his money back all right – in the form of 9,500 pennies.

He texted her saying, “[How ever] you need to get my money back is up to you. I an pick it up, or you can drop it off whichever is convenient for you. I need it today or tomorrow.”

Nice of him to consider what’s convenient for her.

In perfect revenge form, Maria packed four glass jars full of every penny of her ex’s $95 and included a note that says “Here’s every cent of your $95. Have fun at prom :).”

All hail the Queen of Petty.

“What he did wasn’t okay so, I thought of a harmless way to mess around,” Maria said of how she got the idea to return his money in this way.

Apparently, her and her ex are compatible in this area because Maria told us that he reacted to the refund by posting a picture of the money, calling her “a crazy ass ex”, and wait for it… posting a picture of the new girl he’s taking to prom posing with the jars of pennies.


Since posting the stunt, she said other people think “it’s beyond funny and petty.”

Some people gave her other equally petty ways she could’ve given him back his money.

If you’re worried about Maria, her story has a happy ending. One of her best friends asked her to prom just yesterday.

She’ll be dancing her life away at prom and her ex will be rolling those pennies.

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