Bird’s release into the wild ends in complete disaster

A family with only the best intentions for their pet bird ended up making a very bad decision by letting it fly free into the world.

Maritza Sanchez tweeted a video on Thursday of her family releasing their pet parakeet into the wild. It’s unclear why they thought this was a good idea, but hey, maybe they were just sick of hearing a bird sing all day long.

Their dog had different ideas for the confused bird, which fell to the ground the moment it was released. Not even a second after the bird hit the ground, the dog grabbed it, and well, the bird is no longer with us.

Twitter was pretty much as horrified with the whole ordeal as the children in the clip.

Others shared similar experiences.

But if you take away anything from this, it’s that you should never release your pet bird into the wild that was raised inside a cage in your two-bedroom home. It will die, dog or no dog.

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